Jong Crocodile Farm & Mini Zoo (4hrs)

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Located 30 kilometre from Kuching on the Kuching-Serian road, the farm has more than 1000 crocodiles bred in captivity. All these reptiles are housed in concrete enclosure according to their ages. You can imagine what the crocodiles in the last cage would look like! If you want to know more about the notorious Sarawak’s Bujang Senang, the visit to Jong’s Crocodile Farm sure will pump up your adrenaline level. The notoriety of the man-eating crocodile called Bujang Senang dated back to 1993, when it went on its killing rampage around the Sri Aman area. The farm is the resting-place for the infamous crocodile. The crocodile is so legendary that the memory was seized in a form of a huge replica at the entrance – even the state soccer team was nicknamed Bujang Senang! Jong’s Crocodile Farm also keeps a fine collection of other animals including pheasants, hornbills, monkeys, pythons, deer, wild boars, civet, peacocks, sun bears, tortoise and monitor lizards. The best time to visit is during feeding time that is daily from 9am – 5pm, and Sundays at 10am.


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